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doTERRA means gift of the earth, and learning and sharing essential oil use in the supportive community that is Well Being Holistic is the ideal way to experience doTERRA. Join our  website and Facebook groups and become a wholesale customer to access all the benefits and earn free oils with loyalty programs, Watch our Events tab for the next sharing event or reach out if you have 4-6 friends interested who are new to doTERRA and we can come to you and present in your venue.


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Please note that the use of dōTERRA essential oils is CURRENTLY NOT approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration of Australia (TGA) as being able to diagnose, treat or cure any illness.


During our presentations we will discuss protocols and uses of essential oils that we believe have benefited us, and may benefit you. Safety is paramount and only ever use essential oils according to the directions on the label. Well Being Holistic takes no responsibility for use of essential oils contrary to the label. "For flavoring use" means may be taken internally in very small drop quantities. NOT TO BE TAKEN means NOT TO BE INGESTED.


You are under NO OBLIGATION TO PURCHASE ANY KITS OR PRODUCTS . HEALTH IS YOUR PERSONAL CHOICE and we hope you realize essential oils are powerful plant based medicines and ideally your health professional should be aware if you choose to use essential oils.

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Experience the Healing Power of Essential Oils

Well Being Holistic regularly hosts educational workshops around the safe and most beneficial usage of pure certified tested grade essential oils. Well Being Holistic with Dr Jenny Draper and Garry Lane, is an independent doTERRA Wellness Advocate.

Watch our events page for upcoming workshops.