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Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field Therapy

Whole Body Pain Relief  with  PEMF

PAIN is the most common reason that people seek medical help.  Currently, one in five live with chronic pain! For those over the age of 65, it’s even worse when one in three people suffer from chronic pain on a daily basis! Imagine being able to use a simple proven therapy in your own home to address pain?

PEMF is a therapy that addresses chronic pain. This therapy is available locally at Wingham where you can attend for individualised sessions with Garry.  If you would just like to try the therapy out, please send a CONTACT US to book a demonstration which is just a brief experience and is FREE OF CHARGE.  Or you might like to consider rental of an iMRS system to use every day in your own home. A period of 2 weeks using it twice daily is long enough to determine if this NASA developed therapy for chronic pain and increasing bone density will be of use to you in your personal healing journey. For detailed information on the technology visit https://www.painsolution247.com/ 


Nutrition Consultation

Strength & Healing

Lydia Irving is a nutrition consultant with a gift of being present, and able to put complex concepts into simple explanations. "I seek to empower my clients to understand how each unique individuals gut health impacts their over all health. Through an understanding of what food to choose and how to best prepare food for optimal nutrient absorption my aim is to provide my clients with vital information and accessible dietary/lifestyle changes to take control of their own health."


I.V. Nutrient Therapy

Refuel & Refresh

Optimising nutrients in the tissues by infusing sterile pure nutrients such as vitamin C, magnesium, B vitamins, zinc and glutathione can assist in restoring your body's system of balance. For some people with advanced cardiovascular disease, chelation therapies may offer blood flow improvement and tissue salvage. Well Being Holistic has a trained team who can administer IV nutrients under a doctor's prescription (brief medical consultation is included in the cost of therapies).

                                              Please allow at least 45 minutes for these sessions.

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MB12 Injection

MB12 10mg gluteal injection and brief medical consultation is suitable for people who need support for their methylation. Methylation is a body process that underpins detoxification and protects from oxidative stress in our body by assisting in cellular repair and replication.

If we poorly methylate then we feel poorly. If we over methylate then we also feel poorly. There is a SWEET spot.

If you are interested in MB12 then it is available in a limited supply in conjunction with a full IVN infusion for $30 during Amanda's hours, or Out of Hours on its's own for $60 with Dr Jen Draper.

It is suitable as a trial intervention for people who experience anxiety, especially if that anxiety is characterised by a need for perfectionism. These people may also have allergies or auto-immune disease, may be lacking in energy or brain functioning at times and may have difficulty sleeping or switching off because of over analysing things.

The instructions are 1 injection every 2-12 weeks as desired for clarity, calming, energy and sleep assistance.

It is important to note you will usually get one or two PINK urinations afterwards (because of the natural red pigment of cobalamin) and that effects come on within 4-6 hours lasting a variable duration. It can be repeated as per the instructions and it is NOT JUST a treatment for B12 deficiency. It is advisable to have your doctor monitor your homocysteine (a bloods marker for methylation) and target it to be optimal at 7 with additional B2,6,9 and zinc as required.

For any health professionals wanting to learn more about methylation Dr Jen Draper is happy to take messages and chat via wellbeingholistic2429@gmail.com 



Relax & Revitalise

Spoil yourself with an AromaTouch® massage and let go of all the stresses, aches and pains of the day; you will leave feeling like you are drifting among the clouds. The AromaTouch® Technique improves well-being by reducing physical and emotional stress by promoting a calm and focused mind.

This technique uses only doTERRA® CPTG (Certified Pure Testing Grade®) essential oils.

For further information on the technique https://www.doterra.com/US/en/aromatouch-technique 

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Holistic Interview

The Well Being Holistic team would love to offer you and your immediate family, the opportunity to book a holistic interview. This is a new service during which the participants (maximum 2 people per session), have an informal discussion about health and wellness with a particular emphasis on how Well Being Holistic might best help your identified needs with regards to your individual personal wellness goals and affinities.

These discussions are not personalised individual medical advice, nor should they be thought of as anything bar a facilitation of raising of self-awareness and an entry into our business' community, with further team delivered services to follow on a user-pays basis. We will use as a tool for your own personal symptom collection 

During the holistic interview if conducted in person at our Mountview Studio, participants may receive (maximum 2)
- AromaTouch® hand massage
- Aromatherapy and/or topical application of doTERRA essential oils
- iMRS PEMF session
- Samples of exogenous ketones
- HEALY session

These holistic interviews are usually priced at $50 per session - up to 45 minutes, but as an opening special you can secure your place for $25. By booking using the booking code EARLY1.  Skype sessions are also available, but unfortunately the in person energetic experiences can't happen via SKYPE.


Wellness Contact doTERRA

This service is for either 
1. people new to doTERRA wanting a personal introduction to the Oils and doTERRA through Well Being Holistic 

2. for those already enrolled who have received their Oils and are responding to the Welcome Email or simply needing to reconnect for anything OILY!!

The Wellness Contact doTERRA can be conducted either online or in person with Jen Draper and/or Garry Lane. If conducted in person, it will happen at Mountview studio which is on Mountview Avenue Wingham. Or at another mutually agreed location - please book in and send a message via the wix app.