Health Coaching with Coach Dr Jen

She's not available to be your doctor, but coach Dr. Jen loves talking about the principles behind health and wellness. If you've heard her speak online or on podcast, then take the opportunity for a confidential chat to arm yourself with knowledge you can use to BioHack your own health!! Or you might just want a fresh reflection on the latest theories on chronic disease and how our "health system" is 15 years behind the latest evidence when it comes to dietary advice!!

The internet abounds with promises of miracle cures with unique products.... Complete disclosure - Well Being Holistic has it's share of products and services and seeks to provide the ultimate in biohacking tools - all of which Dr. Jen uses and loves!! ...but if you've connected with her while listening to Dr Jen on the internet or a podcast ( eg ) -then book a call for a confidential chat about your unique situation.

Get some tips and pointers about how the body works and how you might be best to bio-hack yourself to optimisation!!

Everyone is unique and different... and the thing about this chat is you will not be offered any medical opinion or diagnoses - you will come along already knowing what your issues are and Dr Jen will chat with you about what might be a good way forward. You will be armed with knowledge that will come from an honest and heart centred reflection, as she's an intuitive person who just happens to hold a medical degree with specialisation in anti-ageing. You will be able to use this information and reflection to negotiate a way forward in your own personal quest for functional longevity.

As a quick reminder, whilst Dr. Jen is a general practitioner, she will only provide general information and education, on the subjects of higher level healing products, anti-ageing and disease prevention, as well as her opinions, and information on what she does each day - personally.

Dr. Jen will not provide any personalized (FOR YOU) medical treatment, diagnosis, or any other medical advice in her capacity as a medical professional.

Please use your best judgement in determining whether any information Dr. Jen provides is right for you personally and be sure to check with your own doctor if you have any questions about whether something is applicable to you.

If you decide to implement anything Dr. Jen tells you into your own life, you’re doing so voluntarily, and agree not to hold Dr. Jen liable for any negative results or experiences.

Book a confidential chat TODAY!!

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