Unboxing the US Convention Kit

OMG!! Excitement!! The unboxing took a little while because each product inside the box is so exciting we can't wait to research the ingredients and consider who we might share that knowledge with......hey wait!! You guys can share - however the video is big so we may have to give it to you in snippets!! The most exciting thing is the Adaptiv range and we invite you all to watch Jen's Facebook live about the 3 little bottles of sensibly chosen ingredients for calming benefits - adaptation under stress. How exciting to be able to experience a product to naturally calm, and provide other health benefits through the combination of copaiba, celery seed, fennel seed & wild orange oils with sceletin to enhance and prolong serotonin actions at the synapse and GABA 100mg (natural neuroitransmitter) at a safe dose to enhance self-soothing capabilities and help ease angst.

Unboxing video - 26 minutes


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